Public Speaking and Presentations

Focused on Inspiring Others

To me it doesn't matter if I'm speaking to a group of corporate professionals or an elementary school class, my goal is to make sure that my audience is inspired. What's your main obstacle that you want to overcome? What challenge are you facing? What problem do you want to solve? 

Over my many years of pushing my mind and body to the edge, I've learned that in just about every case the limits that you perceive are holding you back are only in your mind. Sharing stories of how I've been able to push through will help you realize that you can do more than what you think. 

An Interactive Presentation Style

Don't settle for a speaker that just stands on stage and just talks "at" you. When Kathy Roche-Wallace's presentations are both entertaining and interactive. As she shares the unique life experiences of being a mother, grandmother and ultra-distance athlete, you'll come away with a renewed sense of motivation and the feeling that you CAN accomplish anything you set your mind to. Note, the email address at the end of the video is an old one, so please use the Contact Kathy button below to make contact.
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