Get to Know Kathy...

Life's a Balance

I am a 53-year-old mother of six and grandmother of four who loves to compete in endurance distance events. While what I do may seem a bit extreme, I'm also a wife and have a "normal job," so my life likely isn't much different than yours (except for the endurance racing part, of course).

F.A.C.E. - My Guiding Principles

Throughout the years I've developed the F.A.C.E. acronym that helps to keep me focused. Much of what I do comes back to these four elements.

Focus on what you want to accomplish, not what you are trying to avoid. By focusing your effort on the positive, you'll be more successful.

Allow yourself to fail. Take lessons out of each experience and you'll know what to do differently next time.

Courage to get out of your comfort zone. Push yourself to try something different and expand your horizons.

Embrace the NOW. There are too many "other things" to worry about and you'll get bogged down if you don't concentrate on what is before you at the present time.
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