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Record Setting Events


5 consecutive ironman distance triathlons in 5 days

78:36:52 overall

Race Across America (RAAM) 2011

Set Solo Female 50+ course record in first year participating
In her first year competing in the RAAM Kathy set the course record for solo women over the age of 50. Additionally, she took home the "Queen of the Mountains" award for recording the fastest time up three challenging mountain passes during her 12+ day event.

USA Ultra Triple "Iron distance" Triathlon World Competition (Virginia)
Was the first U.S. woman to complete a Triple Iron distance event on domestic soil
Event must be completed in 60 hours or less with a 7.2-mile swim, 336-mile bike; 78.6- mile run. 

  • 2014 First place women's division (quadruple distance)
  • 2013 First place women's division  
  • 2010 and 2003-2006: First place in women’s division and second overall in co-ed field  
  • 2009: First place overall on a two-person co-ed team
  • 2008: First place in women’s division; sixth overall
  • 2007: Fourth overall
Primal Quest Montana: 2008
A10-day multi-discipline adventure race included biking, running, swimming and kayaking. Competed in a four-person, co-ed team that carried equipment and supplies through isolated and inhospitable terrain. Competed with daughter Melissa Davies as the event’s first mother/daughter pair. Team included in a promotional film about the event and featured in a Wall Street Journal article.  
Finished: 25 overall         

10x10 Ultra Ironman Triathlon: 2006
Was the first U.S. woman to compete in this triathlon
The event consists of a 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike, and 26.2-mile run daily for 10 consecutive days.
Finished: Five days of the event 

Highlight Races

Hawaii Ironman World Championships (1992, 1993, 1995 and 2002)
NBC Sports featured athlete - 1992: Finished 11 hours

24-Hour National Road Cycling (Michigan 2016, 2014 and 2010)
Solo competitor:369 miles(2016),  349 miles (2104) and 381 (2010)
Finished::First place age group 2016  Second place age group (2014) and first place in women overall (2010)

Stoney Creek 12 Hour Mountain Bike (2014)
Single speed solo first overall

Lumberjack 100 Mountain Bike (2014)
Single speed 16th overall

Dances with Dirt (Wisconsin 2010 and 2003)
50-mile ultra trail run
Finished: Second place age group (2010); First place (2003)

Dances with Dirt (Hell, MI 2014 and 2013)
50-mile ultra trail run
Finished: First place age group (2014); Second place overall (2013)

Fisk Knob Time Trial (Grand Rapids, Michigan 2010)
Individual and tandem bike          
Finished:2nd Female and 4th Tandem

12-Hour Mountain Bike Series Fun Promotion (Michigan 2010)
Finished: Stoney Creek: First place with two-person co-ed team (12 hours); Ithica: Second place with two-person co-ed team (12 hours); Boyne: First place with two-person co-ed team (12 hours); Hansen Hills: Second place solo (24 hours)

Sun up to Sun Down Ultra Midwest Cycling (Michigan 2010)
12-hour 200-mile race
Finished: Second place women

Primal Quest Badlands South Dakota (2009)
10-day multi-discipline adventure race with four-person co-ed team.
Finished: 25 overall

X-Terra Fort Custer Trail Triathlon (Michigan 2009)
Finished: First place in age group and qualified for World Championships

12 Hours of Pando Mountain Bike Race (Rockford, Michigan 2006)
12-hour race with two-person coed team
Finished: First place

20K State Time Trial Time Trial (Westland, Michigan 2006)
Finished: Second place with two-person coed team

Cereal City Ultimate Runner (Michigan 2006)
Five-event race in one day:10-mile; 400m; 100m; 1- mile; 8k
Finished: 2nd Female Overall

Massanutten (Front Royal, Virginia 2006)
100-mile, 33-hour trail run

Pikes Peak Marathon (Colorado 2004)
Event promoters claim this is toughest marathon in United States
Finished: Fourth place in age group

Other Events

  • Lake Placid Ironman (2002)
  • Gulf Coast Triathlon (2002) winner in age group
  • Boston Marathon (1999) Competed with oldest daughter Melissa Davies
  • Collegiate Athlete (1998-2000) Olivet College Olivet, Mich.
  • Professional mountain biker, 1996-98; Professional triathlete and duathlete, 1994-1997
  • Donated earnings as a professional to American Cancer Society to regain amateur status
Collegiate Honors
Returned to college as adult and competed at the age of 39
  • Record holder in 1600m, 3000m, 5,000m and 10,000m (1998-1999)
  • Division III All- American in cross country
  • Nationally ranked in 10,000m track
Adventure Race Events
  • Endorphin Fix: Two-day race (2004)
  • Beast of the East: Five-day race (1998)
  • 4 Winds Adventure: Five-day race (1997)
Ultra Distance Events
  • Ultimate Runner (1990)
    • Five-event race completed in one day (24 hours), including a 10k, 1-mile, 400m, 100m, and 26.2-mile
    • Finished: Second in women’s division.
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