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Kathy will be competing in 2015 Race Across America (RAAM). This race has been going on for 30 years and is a 3,000 mile event that has to be completed in less than 13 days. RAAM is a true test of speed, endurance, strength, and commitment.

To find out about Kathy's quest click on the details below or visit her RAAM page, the animated RAAM map page (will be availbe soon), or her Facebook page.


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Click on the "her page" link to show your support for Kathy on Facebook.

How you Can Help

If you want to help, please click the link below to get in contact with Kathy's Team.

Making a Difference

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Kathy is riding to help fight Neuroblastoma, click to find out more about the CNCF.

Featured Sponsor

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GoKathyGo would like to thank College Chevrolet Buick of Albion, MI for their support. We'll be traveling in style thanks to these fine folks!

Help Kathy's Fundraising

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Securely donate and help Kathy's fight against child cancer!